Voyager Docks & Accessories

Voyager Docks and Accessories

Voyager docks are made with the highest quality, marine grade, all aluminum framing. They are designed to be lightweight, so you can move them, yet durable, so Mother Nature can’t. Voyager docks are built with solid sides to keep bolts and welds safely out of the way. This also means no weeds or spider webs. Both the Roll-In and Standing docks are available in 4’ or 5’ widths and are equipped with Quick-Connect Brackets which make adding additional sections or accessories to your dock a breeze. If your needs change, you can add new sections or rearrange the configuration. The Roll-In version, with molded wheels, allows one or two individuals to install and remove the dock with ease. Lake end screw legs come standard with the Roll-In dock for easy adjustment to your lake level without having to get it the water. Standing docks from Voyager are simple to install, level and remove. Once you set it, you can forget it. Voyager docks come standard with Titan decking made out of polypropylene, a sturdy plastic that provides a maintenance free and environmentally safe, non-slip surface that is quiet to walk on and barefoot friendly. Titan decking does not conduct heat and stays cool even on the hottest day.