ShoreMaster Docks & Accessories

ShoreMaster Docks and Accessories

The Infinity RS4 by ShoreMaster features a lightweight all aluminum, free-standing docks with a curve. You no longer have to conform to a straight dock, by throwing a curve into your RS4 dock system, you can create all sorts of interesting possibilities. Use 1/4 or 1/8 round sections with other curved sections and let your imagination do the rest. ShoreMaster Infinity RS7 is a Wheel-In dock that gives you the ability to install and remove your system as a complete unit, without the hassle of deconstructing the entire system. The Infinity TS9 has a truss design that is lightweight, creating a super strong standing or wheel-in dock. Deck options for the ShoreMaster docks include Alaskan Yellow Cedar, IPE Hardwood, White Painted Aluminum, Natural Aluminum, Vertex or Tan Painted Aluminum.

All docks have accessories such as ladders, flagpole holders, cleats, mooring rings, dock steps and benches. Vertical and corner bumpers are also available.