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Lake Holcombe Dock & Lift in Wisconsin handles a full line of docks from Voyager and Shoremaster. Serving Northern Wisconsin, we can design a dock to fit your unique needs. Call or stop by our location near Lake Holcombe, Wisconsin!

Voyager Docks

Voyager docks are made with the highest quality, marine grade, all aluminum framing. They are designed to be lightweight, so you can move them, yet durable, so Mother Nature can’t. Voyager docks are built with solid sides to keep bolts and welds safely out of the way. This also means no weeds or spider webs. Both the Roll-In and Standing docks are available in 4’ or 5’ widths and are equipped with Quick-Connect Brackets which make adding additional sections or accessories to your dock a breeze. If your needs change, you can add new sections or rearrange the configuration. The Roll-In version, with molded wheels, allows one or two men to install and remove the dock with ease. Lake end screw legs come standard with the Roll-In dock for easy adjustment to your lake level without having to get it the water. Standing docks from Voyager are simple to install, level and remove. Once you set it, you can forget it. Voyager docks come standard with Titan decking made out of polypropylene, a sturdy plastic that provides a maintenance free and environmentally safe, non-slip surface that is quiet to walk on and barefoot friendly. Titan decking does not conduct heat and stays cool even on the hottest day.

ShoreMaster Dock

The Infinity RS4 by ShoreMaster features a lightweight all aluminum, free-standing docks with a curve. You no longer have to conform to a straight dock, by throwing a curve into your RS4 dock system, you can create all sorts of interesting possibilities. Use 1/4 or 1/8 round sections with other curved sections and let your imagination to the rest. ShoreMaster Infinity RS7 is a Wheel-In dock that gives you the ability to install and remove your system as a complete unit, without the hassle of deconstructing the entire system. The Infinity TS9 ihas a truss design that is lightweight, creating a super strong standing or wheel-in dock. Deck options for the ShoreMaster docks include Alaskan Yellow Cedar, IPE Hardwood, White Painted Aluminum, Natural Aluminum, Vertex or Tan Painted Aluminum.

All docks have accessories such as ladders, flagpole holders, cleats, mooring rings, dock steps and benches. Vertical and corner bumpers are also available.

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We are able to design and install your dream dock.

Lake Holcombe Dock & Lift

Leisure, Recreation & Utility Docks

Whatever brings you to the water’s edge, you can count on Lake Holcombe Dock & Lift for quality and durability every step of the way. We will help you select the dock system ideally suited for the terrain and water characteristics of your property.


Lake Holcombe Dock & Lift offers a wide range of stationary docks and roll-in docks that can be designed for your specific needs. Each dock we install is unique and can be customized with accessories to provide you with even more enjoyment on your waterfront home.

Custom Docks

Let your imagination run wild. Lake Holcombe Dock & Lift will custom build docks to meet virtually any design or configuration. Maybe you know exactly what you want, but cannot find it. Maybe you have steep banks, rocky shorelines, mucky bottoms or severe wind or waves. There’s probably not a situation we haven’t already addressed.

Dock Accessories

Add-on sections and accessories can add to the enjoyment of your dock and are installed with the same commitment to quality. We select components that provide a solid foundation for expansion and gives you the flexibility to create almost any dock layout you can imagine customized with a wide selection of accessories.