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Boat Lifts

Lake Holcombe Dock & Lift in Holcombe Wisconsin offers full-service Boat Lift installation, maintenance and repair. Serving Northern Wisconsin from Lake Holcombe, we can help you find the perfect boat lift to fit your needs. 

Vertical Lifts

ShoreMaster vertical lifts are designed for shallow waters, highly fluctuating waters and rough waters where you need to get your boat high out of the water. With the ShoreMaster vertical lift, you only need 18 inches of water clearance and most models have a lifting height of 66 inches, the highest in the industry. The double V-side design allows for easy access to your boat from either side of the lift.

Cantilever Lifts

The ShoreMaster cantilever lift is the “Original All-Aluminum Boat Lift.” Cantilever models lift the boat with a pivoting motion. A cantilever lift is generally easier to crank up than a vertical lift because the pivoting action effectively transfers the weight of the boat to the frame. They are also mechanically simpler than a vertical lift with fewer moving parts to wear. Designed for non-fluctuating waters of over 2.5 feet, the simple design of one cable and three pulleys offers proven performance for years of maintenance-free operation.


Hydraulic Lifts

ShoreMaster’s hydraulic lift represents the most advanced technology available. Its quick, quiet operation will lift your boat out of the water in seconds. With the optional keychain remote, it’s as easy as pushing a button.

Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor

The Lift Mate Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor is available in either 110 volt, or 12 volt models and works on lifts up to 5,000 pounds. The Lift Mate comes standard with a toggle switch for ease of operation, and an optional remote makes it even easier to let a Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor do all of the work for you.

Remote Control Direct Drive Motor

A Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor, with Remote allows you to “walk away” from the work of raising your boat. The Remote Control Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor is available in a 110 volt and 12 volt models. It works on boat lifts up to 7,000 lbs and it’s quick to install and operates 30% faster than the Lift Mate Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor. A toggle switch unit is optional.

We will help you select a lift that is both easy to use and protects your watercraft investment.

Lake Holcombe Dock & Lift

Standing PWC Lifts

Standing PWC lifts do not need to be attached to a dock, nor are they required to be anchored. Choose a ShoreMaster standing lift when you need a light-weight lift that is easy to remove from the water when necessary but still provides superior protection at all times. ShoreMaster standing PWC lifts work well in shallow water conditions, and in places that have a firm to a slightly soft lake bottom.

Canopy Frame

The ShoreMaster Canopy frame is designed to provide superior protection for your boat and its contents. The deep design protects your boat and gear from the damaging effects of wind, rain and sun. ShoreMaster canopy covers are available in vinyl or WeatherMax fabrics and are designed to fit the ShoreMaster Canopy frame to exacting standards.

Boat Lift Accessories

Accessories available for your ShoreMaster Lifts include full length aluminum vinyl bunks, adjustable motor stop, full length aluminum carpeted wood guides and many other options.